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Craig G. Hurwitz, M.D.

New I-stop Law

by Sara Hurwitz (NNH Business Manager)

The Law:

A new New York State Law called the Prescription Monitoring Program/I-Stop takes effect on August 27, 2013. This law came about as a result of the tremendous abuse of certain medications, and the number of deaths in NY State due to drug overdose. This law concerns all patients that take controlled substances known as “schedule II, III and IV” (think narcotic, addictive ) medications. Doctors will now have a “duty to consult”, the official term, for checking the NYS Department of Health’s registry for every patient who receives a controlled substance.  This is a real time registry of all controlled substances dispensed by pharmacies, the names of physicians who authorized these prescriptions, and the names of patients who received them.  


The Process:

Within 24 hours prior to prescribing a controlled substance, the doctor or our authorized employee will log into this registry. The results of the search of this registry by patient name and other identifying information will appear, be printed and attached to the record for your visit.  This can be done immediately prior to prescribing in situations where controlled medications are not anticipated in advance.


For our patients:

If you routinely receive controlled medications, please notify the office at the time you schedule or confirm your appointment.  This way, the search can be performed prior to the visit and the visit can proceed with no added stress.  Prescriptions can not be provided if the health registry search is not completed as mandated by this law.