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The Immunization Sheet:

Except for pediatric practices, a current immunization sheet is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of your medical care. The information may be buried in your doctor's records or just not available because of changes in practices over the years. A simple immunization sheet, kept up to date and kept by you is an extremely valuable part of the personal medical record.

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Probably the most important of the vaccinations often needed immediately is the date of your last tetanus booster. This occurs at the time of an acute injury such as a bad cut (lacertation) or dirty pucture wound. You may be seen in an emergency room where they ask you for the date of your last tetanus booster. Other vaccinations to track are rubella, measles, polio, hep B , pneumococcal and flu vaccinations. The center for disease control has an excellent immunization tracking sheet, which i've linked for you below.

CDC Immunization Sheet


Your Personal Medical Record: Helping Your Doctor Help You

  1. Your diagnosis/problem sheet

  2. Your medication/allergy sheet

  3. Your immunization sheet

  4. Family history, social history and occupational history

  5. Tracking your symptoms before an office visit and the health diary