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Craig G. Hurwitz, M.D.

Home Hemodialysis

We are extremely pleased to anounce the opening of our home hemodialysis program in Plattsburgh. Our first two patients trained succesfully in October of 2012 and are now no longer traveling to our outpatient center. This will provide an excellent additional option to our patients with dialysis dependent kidney disease. Read the article from the Press Republican for the full story...


Update February 17, 2013

Our home dialysis program is growing by roughly 2 patients per month. They are doing extremely well and our training program is quite successful. We are up to six patients now. We are pleased with how well they are doing and look forward to being able to dialyze more patients at home. Our general consensus is that health improves, patients are happier and med lists get shorter. It's not for everyone and it does take substantial committment and work on the part of the patient and helper. However, the payoff is big.


Watch this video from 'The Doctors' regarding NxStage system


"MY NAME IS JULIE MORROW" (March 14,2013)

            My name is Julie Morrow, my friends call me Jewels. I have been on dialysis for at least twenty years, but I just started home dialysis last November.  The difference is awesome for me. It has given me more freedom and independence. I feel 100% better, get to eat more of things I could not before, and best of all I am HOME! The feelings of being able to dialyze when it is convenient for me is priceless.
            Being at the unit was fine, the staff and doctors were great, but it is just not the same as home hemo. At the unit I would sleep to pass the time where at home I am responsible for my treatment. I control how much fluid comes off. If I feel something is wrong I can take care of it without having to wait for someone else. It is a very empowering feeling. While I am on dialysis I play on my computer, watch TV, and cuddle my puppy and sometimes my daughter, who is my care partner.  I play board games or cards. I wish home hemo was in our area when my daughter was younger.
            Now I must admit I have a catheter so for me that makes a difference. I'm nervous about needles and do not think I could stick myself (LOL). I know most people are not bothered with that. The teaching nurses are very good. At first it seems like a lot, but everything is made so it is easy to learn and understand. You are never alone. There will always be someone to help you. Even when you get home you are still never alone. That really brings comfort and confidence.
As I said before, home hemo has changed my life, and there is a good chance it could change yours. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and don't be afraid to give home hemo a try.