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Craig G. Hurwitz, M.D.


Patient Portal:

This feature will be coming soon. In the near future you will be able to log in to your patient record and review you health information securely.

Review Dr. Hurwitz:

Please take the time to write an online review of your experience with Dr. Hurwitz and the office.



Patient Forms:

The following forms are required to be filled out before your visit with Dr. Hurwitz. Please take your time at home to complete the new patient handout, which helps to organize a complete history. Please be as accurate as you can regarding your current medications. It is also best to bring your actual medication bottles to the appointment.


New Patient Handout (please complete before first visit)

Privacy Practices Aknowledgement (please sign before first visit)

Authorization For Release Of Information (please complete/sign)

Uniform Assignment & Release (please sign before first visit)

Financial Policy (please sign before first visit)

Notice of Privacy Policy for Norther Nephrology (please review)


Please be sure to review our office policies.


Helpful Links:

National Kidney Foundation
American Association of Kidney Patients


What To Expect At Your First Appointment:

The first time you see the doctor is often stressful and anxiety provoking. Discussing health issues is tough enough but now it's a new doctor, new staff and new setting that is unfamiliar. The most important thing to prepare is the "new patient handout" listed above. Please be sure to fill this out prior to the visit. The other forms should also be signed but are not as critical to your health history. You can take you r time at home going through the handout, which collects lots of health history related to your overall health and imiportantly, conditions that can cause kidney trouble. Be sure the medication list and allergy list are as accurate as possible. If you are confused about any of your meds just bring the bottles with you to the appointment.


You will be greeted by Amy - our secretary who will confirm your insurance information. Please be sure to have your insurance cards with you so they can be photocopied. You will then go into an exam room for a weight and a few blood pressure readings. Our staff will confirm a brief history. I will then review your history in detail with you. You will then have a physical exam. No blood work is collected but you may need to give a urine specimen for analysis.


After the appointment we will confirm a plan and you will leave with typed out instructions. There is always time for questions. Amy will check you out and arrange for any testing that is ordered. She will also schedule your follow up appointment if one is necessary.